In His Arms. (BoyxBoy)

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Mr_MrsPenguinx By Mr_MrsPenguinx Updated 3 years ago
Demitri knew he'd find his mate one day. He looked forward to it too. he's alpha of the star pack and is a very strong alpha male at that. When a mysterious wolf comes swiftly to him he has finally found his mate, only problem is that Zachia, the seemingly timid black wolf is male. They try to fight it, dreading what would happen under the full moon. Will Demitri and Zachia learn to love or will they try to tame, even when love cannot be tamed?
I love it... Personally I like the POV switching cause I like know what's going on in both if their head ya know, it's gives way more insight into the story and characters... As long as u pay attention it should be to confusing though I will admit I've been confused by it myself at times
Suspenseful, but the different POVs did slightly confuse me. Other than that, great start.
The constant P.O.V.'s in one chapter twists around with my mind. o_o
                                    It's quite fast paced that I can't really keep up. :/
                                    - Emile
I had just started 2 like this story!  :( u gotta upload more! PLEASE!
@misunderstood4u  He's not uploading until he has a good cover for it. I am making him one now, but he hasn't replied to me if he likes it or not! :o
I really liked it with dem and zak and they havnt even met official lol i hope you upload soon