Daddy ; s.w

Daddy ; s.w

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✨ By dolansex Updated Nov 06, 2016

My alarm clock rang like a fucking hoe, I got annoyed and threw it across the room, "ALLIE WAKE UP!!" My mom screamed from down stairs. And finally I got up. I went to my enormous closet and picked out something nice to wear for my new fucking school in California.

I chose a white crop top, a black skater skirt, and some white Jordan's. I put on mascara, foundation, lipstick, then some blush. I ran down stairs and took a pop tart and kissed my mom good bye and went to my car. I walked out to my car and got in and threw my backpack in the passenger seat and drove off to pick up my friend Kate.

*Picked up Kate and now at school*

"Well here we are at our new school." Kate said, sighing. 

"Yeah." I said.

We walked int together and all eyes were on us, I hated this. We walked to the main office and asked the lady behind the counter to give us our papers. She said that two boys will help each of us,"Sammy Wilk will help you Allie." She said pointing at me. "And Jack Johnson will be help...

Roses are red 
                              Thorns are very prickly 
                              That escalated war too quickly
_samwilkinson13 _samwilkinson13 Jul 19, 2016
I think she meant Johnson left with Kate and Sammy was with her?
adducted adducted Jun 26, 2016
Bitch sit with him it's THE SAMMY AKA DADDY 😍😍😝😏
-littlebrat -littlebrat Mar 05, 2016
Well I was going to say Damn Daniel but everyone else already did😬😂
oklxuren oklxuren Nov 25, 2016
That part with the vans, I'm like "DAMNN ARII BACK AT IT AGAIN WIT THE WHTE VANNNS"
Trixkyskull Trixkyskull Jul 02, 2016
Alright "daddy" when you showed me that you signed my birth certificate as my father I'm not calling you daddy 😂😂😂