The Unwanted White Wolf (UNOFFICIAL)

The Unwanted White Wolf (UNOFFICIAL)

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Izzy! :) By Lookingtobefamous Updated Dec 26, 2016

Jesse had always loved her pack. It had a beautiful big yard right in front of the pack house, and her room was awesome, and her favorite color: Purple. But not the dark purple, more of a lavender.

That is until she found out she was a white wolf.

They did not like her after that. They stripped her of her purple room, with it's family photos in intricate frames, and it's dresser that held her average amount of clothes.

 They gave her the basement room. It did NOT have purple, it only had a mattress on the grimy floor. No dresser, no family photos, except for one she salvaged. The one she cursed every day of her life. She had two different outfits, and they were just plain old black, a mockery of her being a pure white wolf. She was unwanted and got beaten almost every day. She did the housework, cooked, cleaned, and everything else.

 She was the daughter of the Alpha, and she had Alpha blood.  She would not take this sitting down. She had always been rebellious and decided she had enough.

BEWARE! This is not your normal werewolf rejection story. I'm going to try to make it different. A new spin on an old idea.

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lidyalewis lidyalewis Jul 24, 2017
literalxxtrash literalxxtrash Dec 11, 2017
At first I thought that said "Livin' like Larry".....      spongebob? Ok I'll stop😂
Pheonix0617 Pheonix0617 May 24, 2017
I really need to be her friend because that is exactly what I would say
elephant44 elephant44 Mar 21, 2016
I luv ure story, and I'm glad she is strong ,  she shud of fight every one bac
HPobjoy HPobjoy Jul 21, 2016
I dont know why guys dont like looking at frmine hygiene products
ErinMonique03 ErinMonique03 Aug 13, 2016
I feel like you could of said one of the strongest packs in America instead the most strongest pack in America.