I'm back

I'm back

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Crunchycheese55 By Crunchycheese55 Updated Apr 28, 2016

Meet Sophia Stone an straight A - student who has to go through bullying because of her weight. Sophia decides to leave the country and live with her auntie for awhile and get back into shape. Now Sophia is a hot badass who doesn't care about anything and looks completely different from what she looked like now, she looks hot, sexy but overall stunning . So what happens when she has to move back? Well Sophia already know.... She wants revenge on the one and only Ian Parker.

Ian Parker is the one who started the bullying he is the popular badass of the school that all the girls want, we'll all but Sophia. 

Plan on revenge.
Step one: make Ian notice her.
Step two: make him fall for Sophia.
Step three: leave him broken hearted.

Easy right? Let's hope so ;)

xPisie_ xPisie_ Oct 29
i already trip over air and my own feet i would die with 6 inch heels
HAHAHAHAHAHA this book is definitely going in with my faves.
Monkeybu Monkeybu Oct 25
I would die in them like i would take one step and fall down the stairs and break my neck or something
6 ducking inches really😕 Shi that's six more inches id be falling down from 😂😅😓😔
6 INCHES! I already trip over my own feet. Let alone six inches of more feet ♥
MayaRosalynn MayaRosalynn Nov 27, 2016
I need this confidence in my life 😩 love this book already