Let the Lights Drop

Let the Lights Drop

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Mickey By StubbyLover Updated Apr 10, 2017

Percy's life is spiraling. First, he heads home after the war to no one being home. Second, he learns that his mom has a brother. Third, he has to face another war. 
With everything that has just happened, and Annabeth working on some architecture on Olympus, will Percy finally crumble under the pressure? Or will he find the help he needs from some new friends?

Tony and the Avengers have finally won their war against the aliens. Director Fury has given them a well deserved vacation.
While the rest of the team take to their vacations, Tony stays with Pepper. Except he learns that his sister, who he thought was dead, has gone missing. Now he gets to take in his traumatized nephew only to discover that maybe, just maybe they have things in common. 

Can these two win a war? And discover that they can help each other. Let's hope so.

  • avengers
  • jackson
  • missing
  • nephew
  • percy
  • stark
  • tony
  • uncle
  • war
RandomFandoms153 RandomFandoms153 Nov 15, 2017
Any type of faces directed towards me (puppy eyes, glares, stink eyes, etc.) have no affect (effect?) on me because I'm emotionless af
LeagueOfMastersVa LeagueOfMastersVa Nov 25, 2017
It's so weird like I can say no every time to some people, but others I have to say yes to...
RandomFandoms153 RandomFandoms153 Nov 15, 2017
I read one fanfic where the guy says "I'm just doing what it says to do in the job description, man!"
RandomFandoms153 RandomFandoms153 Nov 15, 2017
And I turn into a raging green monster who is the complete opposite of me, so don't make me mad.
RandomFandoms153 RandomFandoms153 Nov 15, 2017
How would she answer to that? "I'll get you 12% of a footstool"?
ambi2006 ambi2006 Jan 20, 2017
                              Todays breaking news.
                              A Chihuahua n Husky mix breed was born.