Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

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TheAwolAngel By TheAwolAngel Updated Jun 15

(Crossover of PJO and Thor.)

A new tension is brewing between the gods. Both Greek and Asgardian sides are quietly and stealthily readying for war

 but the usually peaceful goddess, Hestia forces the two sides to meet in the middle and settle out how to stop an oncoming and unnecessary battle that would surely end bloody.

Their terms come down to an even exchange.

"We will both choose a champion to exchange for a month. If said champions survive the month, then there will be no war, agreed?"

Two weeks later the champions are chosen, and Percy Jackson and Thor Odinson switch sides.

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I have faith in you child.....-the last words of my father-2003
Or will he blow be shed and bring a cicyle of vengeance and death with no defendents
What about that time with the Romans? Same foreign people, same crazy god forcing you to do it, same time of war.
... I've already made a Dick Grayson/ Robin pokemon card. Should I make a Persassy Jackson card? Let me know XD
Magix-Panda Magix-Panda May 26, 2016
Don't you have a god that can snap his fingers and put everyone to sleep..... And they have a HDTV hammer..... Ok then
Magix-Panda Magix-Panda May 26, 2016
OK then, a cool sassy teen and a ginger tattooed brute...... Cool