Marking you ^-^

Marking you ^-^

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*Lucy's POV*

~8 Hours ago~

When Natsu asked to go on a job, I had agreed, like I always did. Of course, I didn't know what the job was going to be, as Natsu never told me. It turned out the job was to clean out a large storage room.

~In the sorage~

"Hey Lucy, are you tired?" Natsu smiled as he grabbed a rolled up carpet and threw it out the window. "I'm fine." of course I wasn't! Not only were we working non-stop for 6 hours, we were locked in until we finished the job.

I sat down on a box, hoping to rest for a bit, but instead fell into the box. Natsu came over me, laughing. Then he stopped. "What's wrong, Natsu?" I asked, confused. Natsu blushed, then pointed down to my skirt. When I looked down, my skirt had flipped up, revealing white lacy underwear.

Blushing, I got up quickly and pulled my skirt back down. Still blushing, Natsu got back to work. I took this as an advantage of course. "Hey Natsu..." "Hmm? What is it?" he asked, not turning around. "Did you like what you saw?"...

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