Fighting the Odds // slight editing

Fighting the Odds // slight editing

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It's a small world in the Big City, and once Imani joins her sister and her boyfriend on a day out in New York it gets a little smaller. 

A different story unfolds once Imani is forcefully introduced to her sister's boyfriend's teammate, Michael Williams. Imani's assertive mindset struggles to fold under all the clutter surrounding this mysterious guy's name. As if things couldn't get more difficult, Michael wastes no time in strategically prioritizing Imani, giving her a scary glimpse of exactly who he is. 

Bombarding rumors, untold secrets, and unanswered questions create a surprisingly interesting puzzle for Imani. However, can she discover everything that is Michael Williams, or will she fold under the rumors that she can't prove wrong?

No, the real question is: have you heard the new rumors?

Copyright © 2015-2016 Takiyah W. (nonchalantis)

this chapter is written so well you are very talented 💖💖💖💖
tied2u tied2u Aug 09, 2016
Only the first chapter and I'm already feeling it, and the way you write is exquisite; detailed. 👌🏽
TazzNdTrigga TazzNdTrigga Oct 29, 2015
Oh my gosh I would never do blind dates again if I were her like really.
TazzNdTrigga TazzNdTrigga Oct 29, 2015
A little like me I really dnt have a type but i at least know what I like and what are deal breakers and what will keep my interest
TazzNdTrigga TazzNdTrigga Oct 29, 2015
Wow if he don't really love her why he settling just for the ideal family
TazzNdTrigga TazzNdTrigga Oct 29, 2015
Haha seriously so they were like oh she ain't a boy alright so take away the s and add a