For the Love of Food (#Wattys2015)

For the Love of Food (#Wattys2015)

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"You can't steal someone's food! That's practically like breaking up a marriage! You're a home wrecker!" 

"Funny, most women would be ecstatic if I broke up their marriage. Let's just say I did you a favor." 

Eva Breslin is your average Plain Jane. She's nice and funny-not that anyone would ever know; she prefers to stick to herself. Despite her calm appearance, Eva has one small problem. She can't stand for people to steal her food. So what happens when Daniel Kraus, resident "bad boy" of Finite High, steals a hash brown from her breakfast one morning? Well, nothing good, of course. The whole school turns against Eva for her behavior towards Daniel, leaving Daniel with a hard choice to make. Will he allow Eva to be crushed, or will he swoop in like a Prince Charming for his damsel in distress? On his way to deciding, will he fall in love with the so-called damsel in distress?

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laibanaeem08 laibanaeem08 Jun 04, 2017
Just saying now if he acts like a dick to her I will grab his penis (if he has one) and stick it up his ass and tell him to go f'ck  himself 👉🏼👌👉🏼👌👉🏼👌👉🏼👌👉🏼👌👉🏼👌👉🏼
cactikook cactikook Mar 15, 2017
gonna feel weird reading this book since my big bros name is daniel 😂
readingwritinglover readingwritinglover Dec 17, 2016
I love this intro it's so good! It's a really nice way to start a story
justaverage2 justaverage2 Jan 13, 2016
His last name reminds me of sauerkraut haha. It seems fitting
SamanthaJayne_x SamanthaJayne_x Jul 03, 2015
Can't wait for the first chapter this is going to be awesome <3
CrissyThomas CrissyThomas Jun 27, 2015
Sounds really interesting!!! Can't wait for the first chapter to be up! :) :)