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The Alpha's Luna

The Alpha's Luna

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justyourtypicalteen By justyourtypicalteen Updated Nov 17, 2013

Meet Angel

    Angel Marie Johnson is almost 18!  Both of her parents are dead and she lives with her 22 year old sister,  Amber,  who is always away at college or at her boyfriend,  Jason's,  house.  Angel is drop dead gorgeous with natural dark blonde hair, big blue eyes, and full ruby red lips,  and she could easily get any guy that she wants to get down on his knees and beg for her to be his girlfriend.  The thing is,  she doesn't want that.  You see,  Angel Johnson is a werewolf.  Just like her sister and just like her parents.  She has been a werewolf since she turned 16 and she doesn't want a boyfriend. In her eyes,  that's just too much of the same guy.  Angel would rather be with a different guy every week.  She hasn't found her mate yet,  and she's not looking forward to it.

KylieMabina KylieMabina Apr 11
She just doesn't want to get attached. 
                              If that isn't obvious, then I don't know what is
Lauren21010 Lauren21010 Jul 31, 2016
I bet all those people who are saying slut are also the ones who comment on their Idols Instagrams say yay feminism and all that just to get noticed 👍👍🙁
- - Apr 12, 2016
Wtf, guys. She is who she is. What's the big issue with sleeping or being with other men every week? Does it concern you ok any way? No? That STFU!
XxSmilyWolfxX XxSmilyWolfxX Aug 03, 2016
I mean I would kill to be able to tell who's ur mate like why can't that happen for humans tho
renazzle renazzle Jan 10, 2016
"Slut." Lol no. Never said she slept with any guy yet. She's probably eager still trying to find her mate.
DuncanLynnDanai DuncanLynnDanai Dec 30, 2015
I had made a comment a long time ago when I first started reading this book and called her a s*** and some people felt some type of way about it so I'm going to rephrase my comment and just call her an unstable creature!! I hope that is to your liking... Lol😂😂