Broken Girl (Stilinski 1) {Completed}

Broken Girl (Stilinski 1) {Completed}

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☼Emily By -voidmartinski Completed

(Formerly known as 'Broken' 
and 'Caged bird' and then 
'Shattered' and then now
 'Broken Girl' because I can't 
seem to find a fit for the right name)

-based on season 1-

Riley Argent. A sarcastic, kind girl. 
She moves to Beacon Hills 
with her Aunt, Uncle and
 cousin after her mother "dies", 
and her father "disappears".

She befriends the popular Lydia 
Martin, the socially awkward 
Stiles Stilinski, and his best 
friend Scott McCall. Little 
does she know, doing this involves
 her in much more than she 
wished for. A world of 
werewolves, and alphas. 
She soon begins to fall for Stiles but-

Well, you'll have to find out. 
Read 'Broken Girl' for more.

Disclaimer: Jeff Davis Owns 
Teen Wolf. I only own Riley 
and her parents and anyone 
who is in her flashbacks like 
her friends.

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ravenclawedd ravenclawedd May 14, 2017
Yeahhh, no. I was about to pin the frog I was dissecting so it would'nt move while I open it but then it jumped on my face then freaking CROAKED.
candy05250 candy05250 Feb 14, 2017
All ive disected was a chicken wing and lambs brain and a cows eyeball all of which i completely destroyed after the lab BUT NEVER A FROG I WANT TO DO A FROG
madisonmazziotti madisonmazziotti Dec 26, 2016
Try cutting into a cow eyeball, it was awesome ( in a non serial killer kind of way )
privatezombie privatezombie Jul 31, 2016
we did a heart one and i had to sit out of it bc it made me physically sick
Ball_of_Awesome Ball_of_Awesome Dec 23, 2016
Well you're the one who is okay with it considering that you can still have a sleepover with your friends
LiterallyJustDestiel LiterallyJustDestiel Dec 23, 2015
Her dreams are some sinister sh*t.
                              i would be scarred for life if i dreamt that XD