My Little Hybrid DTK X Reader

My Little Hybrid DTK X Reader

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Loser By Earthsfriend Completed

(This is my first fan fiction. It is a Death the Kid X Reader. If you do not like it than please do not complain in the comments about how horrible it is. )

(Y/N) has a life of pain. She doesn't think anyone in the world would care if she died. This is because (Y/N) is a devil spawn. She lives in hell tortured by her father who has trained her, her whole life to fight someone she doesn't even know. He says this unknown opponent is called Kid and he is Lord Deaths son. When (Y/N) goes off with Kid and the gang will she ever live a normal life?

* Contains fluff
I do not own soul eater or any of the characters

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-DuskTwilight -DuskTwilight Apr 29, 2017
But I like being a demon... CHANGE ME BACK IR I WILL SLAP YOU THROUGH THE SCREE! Lolo just kidding😅
Nooo why must u take away my beautiful wings, horns, fangs, and crazy red eyes I'll never be the same *goes to the corner and crys* T-T
- - Feb 13, 2017
Man~ y u change me into a human? I wanted to be a demon and torture ALOT of people I hate~
murphyswonderland murphyswonderland Aug 17, 2016
NUUUUUUU *loos down at Pringles* well atleast I still have you... *cries while munching on pringles*
- - Dec 31, 2016
Omg that's my life like my old profile pic is named Fire and she looks looks that that but no black dress
DevilsTopDarkAngel DevilsTopDarkAngel Jul 14, 2015
(0o0) M-my beautiful wings, fangs, horns, tail, and crazy blood red eyes!!! Why must u take my beauty!! *munches on sandwich with tears in eyes* atleast my sandwich is still here...