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It's one thing to be in love. It's another thing to be in love with your step brother who is nearly 10 times your age. (Plus size, interracial)

*Warning* Do NOT open if you are uncomfortable reading illegal interactions, interracial relationships, or smut.

(This is an EXTREMELY short story. So do not blink or you just might miss its content.)

Buttakupu Buttakupu Aug 20
No the bitch didn't say "fetch"😒😕
                              You got me all kinds of side ways!
XxnaeyajxX XxnaeyajxX May 31
Bitch if I get that water u gone have extra flavor in it sparkling water
Go-Go_AfroQueen Go-Go_AfroQueen Jul 13, 2016
ADDIE HOE ADDIE HOE you not so bright like the 🌞 I see .....
Lovesick26 Lovesick26 Jul 12, 2016
Short stories are cool because 
                              1. It gets to the point and ya. 
                              2. It makes it more enjoyable and craving more.
Go-Go_AfroQueen Go-Go_AfroQueen Jul 13, 2016
🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦Everbody get y'all flashlight ... I think she lost her brain
Go-Go_AfroQueen Go-Go_AfroQueen Jul 13, 2016
ALL THE SUGAR IN THEE WORLD AND YOU STILL CHOICE TO BE SALTY 🤔 like I don't understand Addie Hoe.........