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Its Never Over

Its Never Over

8.1K Reads 313 Votes 23 Part Story
RandomP3rson By Randomp3rson Completed

She finally has her life back and living happily. What happens when her stalker returns and its not who they think. Will she survive this time? Will her family survive?
Sequel to Stalker Teacher

Little_Kimichan Little_Kimichan Jul 23, 2016
Maybe he went through the doggie doors?
                              Lol idk why I said that 😂😂😂
                              Hilarious to picture though
Nayy209 Nayy209 Jan 10
That mofo will pass that too like no security is stopping his ass the army wouldnt even be able to stop him
Nayy209 Nayy209 Jan 10
Bish i dont even feel a connection and you talking about sparks the only thing i feel is sick when your around
Little_Kimichan Little_Kimichan Jul 23, 2016
Trying to imagine Micheal fvcking Mathers 😂😂 
                              Get it? No? Ok (..~)