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Antonia Crowder By Toniewan Updated Jan 26

Artura!" Marco called as I approached the cafeteria.

Before I got to the door, I was snatched back and pushed into the wall. Passing students stared and whispered, taking a mental note at the closeness of me and Marco's faces. He had both of his arms on each side of my head and he was shooting daggers into my eyes with his own.

"You don't threaten me, Artura. I'm the only one making the threats around  here." He growled.

"I never threatened you Marco." I said with no emotion in my voice.

"Oh yeah? Then what did you call that back in the restroom then?" He asked.

"A promise. And I never break my promises." 


When Tragedy strikes within her home, Artura Valentina is forced to move with a Grandmother she has no memory of, to a state she has no love for. Getting lost in her first day leads her in front of the boys restroom, where she hears The Giovanni Brothers handling "family business" and getting caught by Marco.

itslhiathehuman1105 itslhiathehuman1105 Nov 30, 2016
Why am i in this book?! 😂 Im Dominican and dark skinned but my name is Lhia ( Lia [ how its pronounced ] )
Lol first and foremost commenters, Hispanic isn't a race. Meaning there are white Hispanics and black hispanics. Secondly, please pay attention in history. Or at least educate yourself. Like google is literally at your fingertips people.
lilly-jones lilly-jones Nov 23, 2016
NO boy break up with his ass, you the side dish, the opening act nobody wants to listen to but have to because of the main show, don't do this to yourself.
noirxss noirxss Nov 22, 2016
Dark skin Hispanics, who are not necessarily mixed, do exist guys...remember the slave trade
NetflixNChilll NetflixNChilll Nov 15, 2016
Seriously? She let her child get beaten up? One time my dad hit me upside the head with an agenda and my mom threw a fit and ended up kicking him out...
                              He got back in again tho. But that was like 7/6 years ago so...
Itzkarls Itzkarls Dec 28, 2016
OH HEEELL NAW. Is it me or I will legit buy a gun and shoot that muthafucka to his grave.