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Antonia Crowder By Toniewan Updated Jan 26

Artura!" Marco called as I approached the cafeteria.

Before I got to the door, I was snatched back and pushed into the wall. Passing students stared and whispered, taking a mental note at the closeness of me and Marco's faces. He had both of his arms on each side of my head and he was shooting daggers into my eyes with his own.

"You don't threaten me, Artura. I'm the only one making the threats around  here." He growled.

"I never threatened you Marco." I said with no emotion in my voice.

"Oh yeah? Then what did you call that back in the restroom then?" He asked.

"A promise. And I never break my promises." 


When Tragedy strikes within her home, Artura Valentina is forced to move with a Grandmother she has no memory of, to a state she has no love for. Getting lost in her first day leads her in front of the boys restroom, where she hears The Giovanni Brothers handling "family business" and getting caught by Marco.

my nephew is going through the same thing with his boyfriend. they live together.
lovekilles2 lovekilles2 Mar 29
That's a shame like please leave that girl don't make her fall for u wen u kno damn well u aint gonna catch her.
it's so true when they say they love u to death. it's so sad this how some women lost their life. instead of getting help, they believe he going to change n deep down their men love them. their mind is so twisted love should never hurt or cost harm to ur body.
What the hell. Where 's does she live where there are coyotes 😂
Don't play with my emotioms like that author. I will shank you! 😭
People like him need to be punched in the nose. They just think about if their child will have "colored" eyes, "good" hair and other dumb stuff