Love Never Stops Loving | Editing

Love Never Stops Loving | Editing

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`naina By nainabarse- Completed

❝forget the risk and take the fall. If it's meant to be, then it's worth it all.❞

When Gaurav and Khushi first meet, it's instant attraction for the hot-tempered lover boy and shy beauty. So when they're told that they are to got married, everything will obviously be perfect, right? Wrong. Insert a crazy obsessor out to ruin their lives, confused lovers and tons of drama, things ought to get crazy. Join Khushi and Gaurav on a journey of love and discovering themselves with the help of their family and friends. Join them on a journey filled with happiness, sadness and every other emotion that comes to mind when you think of love.

❝all I know, is that I need you and I'm pretty darn sure you need me as well.❞

 ➺ it's my first story, so please read at your own risk. may contain excessive grammar mistakes and confusing plots. 

 ➺ cover credits go to: Krazy_Kiran

 ➺ highest ranking: #19 in General Fiction (10.23.15)

  • arrangedmarriage
  • complete
  • family
  • india
  • love
  • missiondesi
  • obsessions
  • revenge
JorjaPhox JorjaPhox Sep 10, 2017
since i can't pronounce half of these names i am renaming them.  Guarav is now Gary.  Rohan is now Roy.
MahiraFarhin MahiraFarhin Aug 23, 2016
I wanna comment "RR" but instead I'm just gonna comment this: the queen has arrived with her awesome presence and she shall read this book. again!
pooja_singh2103 pooja_singh2103 May 15, 2016
I loved that serial alot... Thank you for using them as the main character's appearance
itsdisneychanyeol itsdisneychanyeol Dec 14, 2015
The summary is very interesting and this book looks like it has potential. Great character's ♡_♡
volcanicoffee volcanicoffee Oct 02, 2015
These character sketches might be descriptive, but they have been smartly written. They inform the readers about the main characters and what they should expect of them, yet, these descriptions don't give much away. 
                              Can't wait to read ahead! :)
kajal_1501 kajal_1501 Sep 10, 2015
Manvi and favourite...!!!
                              Would love to read about them as khushi and gaurav