Sonic X Female Maid Reader

Sonic X Female Maid Reader

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hot cheetos By KAZUMIMIKU Updated Jun 22

You were standing in front of your new home, nervous, shy, scared, and slightly confused. You were thinking how nice or mean your owner was, you don't know nothing about your owner, not even his name! You walked on the porch slowly and you took a big deep breathe and knocked gently on the door.


The mysterious owner open the door, as the blue hedgehog grin softly, "Ah.. You must be (Y/N).." He said softly. (Also.. There's gonna be lemons.. Idk how many.. Just eh..)

kynne1 kynne1 Jun 13
Wait he never wears a shirt.........or clothes as a matter of fact
What that was it?!! Nooooooooo and Sonic how dare. You like her but not any hmmmm
                              MY TWO CRUSHES OML I NEED SHIRO.     HAHHA
PancakeKiller47 PancakeKiller47 Dec 20, 2015
._. Hm I shall right that in my book *licks my fingers and turns page*................*whispers* this book is in spaniiiiish.......
PancakeKiller47 PancakeKiller47 Dec 20, 2015
Me: u-uh......what do you uh....mean by c-c-cranky......
                              Sonic: just......sometimes mad....
                              Me: *Mind: yeah it better just be mad. Otherwise if it was something else then I'm leaving with the "No Fucks Given" finger.*
LivetteThorn LivetteThorn Jul 14, 2015
I don't know why, but I imagined it like it was a sappy vampire love movie, Ex: oh Elliot!! oh Jessica!!!- see what I mean?T_T