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An Alpha's Mate

An Alpha's Mate

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Skittles By Tasting_Rainbows Updated Nov 26, 2016

Aviana (Avi for short) Dylan Simpson was a seemingly normal girl. Well, as normal as a regular female werewolf would be. Except, there was one small unique trait she held in which made her different from everyone else. Aviana was half-werewolf, half-witch. Her father was Alpha of the Silver Crescent Moon Pack, and her mother was a Witch. Both her parents knew the amount of power Aviana would hold once she was born. The only problem with being half-werewolf and half-witch, was that she wasn't able to access her wolf. She had all the traits of a werewolf, but she wasn't able to shift. At seventeen years old, Avi is the most popular girl in her school- but still hasn't found her mate. And she was fine with that, because Avi had a prophecy to fulfill. 
Xavier Javen King was known to be the son of the most notorious werewolf out there: Alpha Jackson King- Alpha of the Rogues. Born into the dark and twisted life of a rogue, Xavier was built to be a cold dangerous man with wicked charm and a malicious personality. He was convinced the Moon Goddess didn't bless him with a mate-and he was fine with that. So, at nineteen years old, he gears up to take over position of Alpha of the Rogues. Before that though, he had to prove himself. He had come up with the perfect plan too: Kill the biggest pack's Alpha- the Silver Crescent Moon's Alpha. But he's in for a hell of a shock when he goes to execute his plan. 
Let's just say, nothing ever turns out like it was originally planned.
* * *
  "Don't worry, love. My guys will find them. And if not," he shrugged, "we have your entire pack to choose from. And as the good little Alpha's daughter I know you are, I think you'd want to protect them more then yourself." He smirked 
(Cover made by GwenniePoo)

Meghanite14-15 Meghanite14-15 Jul 09, 2015
Can she teleport and fall on top of people? Cuz that would be awkward... And me... If I could teleport. Dang it!
writing_saved_me writing_saved_me Jun 27, 2015
This is a very promising start, can't wait to see how it continues :) ♥
YoursTrulyMaryZ YoursTrulyMaryZ Jun 26, 2015
It's only been a few hours since you posted, and I'm dying of impatience.
YoursTrulyMaryZ YoursTrulyMaryZ Jun 26, 2015
It's only been a few hours since you posted, and I'm dying of impatience.
xo_Nely_xo xo_Nely_xo Jun 26, 2015
I seriously can't wait to read this story!! It's just so good already and this is just the Prologue (I thinks that's how you spell it...?)
YoursTrulyMaryZ YoursTrulyMaryZ Jun 26, 2015
Are you going to be updating anytime soon?  I'm in luv with your stories!