Break Me || Harry Potter

Break Me || Harry Potter

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sydney hlavaty By sydthekid0019 Updated Nov 09

Saige Walker didn't see her wand as her fate when she first got it from Ollivanders when she was eleven. She just saw it as her ticket to hogwarts, her ticket into the world her parents and older brother had been living in for years. Little did she know that the moment the wand claimed her, her fate was sealed. However, she thrives on, becoming best friends with the Golden Trio. But, when her life takes a turn for the worse, her life seems to plummet farther and farther. Young Saige Walker is on the path to extinction as He Who Must Not Be Named decides to torture and corrupt Saige's life beyond repair. 
Will she be able to piece herself back together again? 
Or will her boiling anger turn her into the monster she fears she is?


FYI- I have not written year two, just because nothing big happens in that year and most of my plot starts in year three. 

Also, I do not own anything about Harry Potter, all hail JK ROWLING as our queen! But my characters and plot lines are mine so please do not use them without asking me. Thanks! 


Cover art by me

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It's awesome! I can't really draw cartoony like that, I'm kind of sort of realistic but not really haha. I love it!
Legit my boyfriend and I trying to figure out what time of year to have kids so we all have the same birthday
ClarPotter ClarPotter May 28
CarlaGoutz CarlaGoutz Feb 13
Let's start at the very beginning 
                              A very good place to start
starknaked starknaked Nov 05, 2016
This girl got a Hogwarts letter, a rare wand, and a diamond necklace for her birthday? 
                              I'm jealous!😫😫
Reminds me of the Peverell brother story.The oldest brother was murdered in his sleep.