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The Cheater || Sequel, Short Story

The Cheater || Sequel, Short Story

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Lucky By xxLuckyCharmedxx Completed

"Baby, I'm sorry-"

"Michael, can you stop?!" Nevaeh cut him off, packing up her things. He grabbed her wrists, backing her up against the wall "What the hell?"

"Nevaeh, I miss you, please.. You know I still love you- don't leave me" Michael pleaded

"But yet, you left me in the hospital even though we were still married and got engaged with someone else?! Oh shut up, Michael, get a grip" Nevaeh scoffed

"I thought you was dead, Nevaeh! You knew I had to leave one day, it wasn't like you could do anything" Michael retorted

"Y'know what," She pushed him off of her and went to zip up her suitcase "That was just the answer I needed. Goodbye, Michael" 

She took her suitcase, walking out the bedroom door. 

Michael knew he messed up. Will he ever get the woman of his dreams back, or will he let her leave him forever in misery?

Sequel to The Nanny ||Tyga Love Story

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2015 xxLuckyCharmedxx

bookaholic1840 bookaholic1840 Sep 30, 2016
Did I read that right orrrr...............dayyyuumm that's a long as time👏👏👏
Trill_Barbie Trill_Barbie Aug 09, 2016
This was a good first chapter & now I wanna know what's gonna happen when she sees Michael. Kobe is so happy, I fvcking loved the trailer for this book it was so good
triflinasshoe triflinasshoe Jun 27, 2016
she missed out on the creation of dab and hit dem folks. 😪
bookaholic1840 bookaholic1840 Sep 30, 2016
BOOOOII Tyga is about to get his ass beaten by his cousin then👏👏😂🔫
Nigga got jokes😂😂 he should of been a comedian wow...(note the sarcasm-)