Someone Like You

Someone Like You

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maxinedonner By maxinedonner Completed

Dr. Jennifer Parks, a third year family medicine resident in Salt Lake City, Utah isn't expecting to meet anyone at work - after all, doctors and patients aren't supposed to fraternize, right? 

Andrew Robertson has just moved to Salt Lake to join an architectural firm and had no intention of winding up in the ER.

What starts as an uncomfortable situation turns into a flirtation and so much more... 

Mature audiences only. 

This book contains explicit language, graphic sexual content and several uncomfortable medical scenarios, so read at your own risk!!!

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The 'adults' on Wattpad are literally twelve-year-old perverts. 😂
HazzizzleDizzle0818 HazzizzleDizzle0818 Dec 27, 2017
my grandma would have a heart attack and drag me to hell with her for giving her one
KarinSharon KarinSharon Nov 21, 2016
This story was amazing!  I haven't ready such a strong romance novel with intricate character development in a long time and the sex scenes are so hot and perfectly detailed. When are the other 3 parts coming? I can't wait.
ShannonSiemens ShannonSiemens May 27, 2016
Come check out my latest book. Sorry for doing this but I really want people to tell me what they think of my new story I'm writing as well as the horror book I'm writing which is still in progress. I need some critique. Please?
Lotttee Lotttee May 17, 2016
Excited for this! I'm a first year medicine student myself and have read a couple of times that it is forbidden to have a/start a relationship with your patiënt. You can get into a lot of problems with that... (Which I completely understand as well)
OctaviaEmily OctaviaEmily Jan 18, 2016
Awesome! Thank you for putting the warning at the beginning because it definitely interrupts the story to continually see the author comment when there is sexual content in the chapter. I'm excited to read, thanks!