The Last White Witch {Book 2}

The Last White Witch {Book 2}

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Book 2 in 'The Other Cullen' Trilogy

Things have finally calmed down in Forks as both the Cullens and Quileutes avoided a fight with the Volturi. Now that all the drama's over, they thought that they could enjoy the rest of their lives together, but little did they know that it was only the beginning of the problems coming their way. Now, a new enemy arises; one that far more dangerous than the Volturi but also one that Cullens saw coming. Elizabeth's life now hangs in the balance as she is now hunted by a powerful, dark entity known as The Darkness, who will stop at nothing until it gets to her. Fearing for her life, the Cullens and Quileute pack must find a way to stop The Darkness but that will prove to easier said than done. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth begins to discover the true meaning of being the Last White Witch as she learns more about her past. Even finding out that she isn't even from this dimension. Everyone's lives get turned upside down as Elizabeth discovers another world that she's been hiding from all of her life, one that she didn't believe existed. Along the way, she make some friends, even befriending a mysterious boy named Christian, who seems to know more about Elizabeth than she does. But at the same time, Elizabeth makes enemies. She also learns that they're secrets in this new world as well; secrets from many years ago that Elizabeth now has to pay the consequences of. The Cullens and Quileutes get dragged into this new world along with her, discovering things that they never even believed to be true.

Will the Cullens be able to hide Elizabeth from the Darkness this time or will it destroy them before they even get the chance? Will Seth stay with Elizabeth now that Christian is in her life or will he be the cause of his own destruction? What secrets lie in this new world and what do they have to do with Elizabeth? Will the Darkness destroy everything Elizabeth cares for or will the Light prevail in the darkest hour?

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No!!! Big no no!!! Bad girl!!! Fall in love with Seth not Christan!!!
Baby_Wolf_ Baby_Wolf_ Oct 20, 2016
- - Jul 28, 2016
This is AWESOME!!!. Add Harry Potter and I will be forever happy😍😍♥♥♥
KnownAsUnkown KnownAsUnkown Jul 21, 2016
I hate to ask this, but should Christian you know look like his twin?
NishaDenae NishaDenae Jan 07, 2016
If you knew somethin was up why didn't make them tell you?! We've been down this road people. Just cut the crap and tell her so no one ends up clueless dead or missing! Gosh. Fools be makin stuff too complicated.