Avengers Preferences

Avengers Preferences

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Killer Queen By amyluvssquid Updated Aug 09, 2016

Title says it all.

Avengers Preferences include Captain America (Steve), Iron Man (Tony), Hulk (Bruce), Hawkeye (Clint), Thor, Loki, Natasha (Black Widow), Pietro (Quicksilver) and Wanda (Scarlet Witch). Comment what preferences you want and i will do them. 

I am now doing imagines too.This is my first lot of preferences so I am sure they won't be that good.

mrs_ami_weasley mrs_ami_weasley Nov 17, 2016
Amelia stark
                              I like it
                              Let's change it to
                              Amelia rogers
Dashie1677 Dashie1677 Sep 15, 2016
*giggles childishly* I see where this is going... Strawberry.... POPTARTS! (lol I'm weird...)
kayotic- kayotic- Jul 09, 2016
Were those three brothers by any chance known as... Eric, Sam, and Billy Koenig?!?
Emo_Kitty350 Emo_Kitty350 Mar 25, 2016
I actually do. Their engines system is actually quit interesting
121katrina 121katrina May 16, 2016
Pietro-Peter-Bensbae Pietro-Peter-Bensbae Oct 31, 2016
I just need this:
                              Loki: Good thing I have my library card, cause I'm definitely checking you out!~
                              Reader: -//-