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Gates to Glory (Epic Fantasy Adventure Tale, Ashurran #1)

Gates to Glory (Epic Fantasy Adventure Tale, Ashurran #1)

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Tiamat, Corruptor of Elves By tiamat-press Completed

She was born in a tribe of fierce female warriors. Swords and spears have been her toys from the cradle. She has the only path before her, to become the tribe chief after her mother. Yet Ashurran dreams of strange lands, of bigger battles, of greater fame. She will take the magical Gates to Glory, travel to another world and win renown, riches, rank of a general and a husband (beside many lovers of both sexes). She will meet sorcerers and kings, elves and savages, dragons and demons. She will become a goddess.
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I just started to read your book , and I am already taken captive by the beginning.
EvelynHail EvelynHail 4 days ago
Hi :) Only to say that I have merely started to read your book. I quite like the fact that you start it with a quote and that you are introducing graphical elements into it! I am really taken with Ashurran's image and that detail alone makes me want to know more about her :)
MoreSyrup MoreSyrup Jun 14
I honestly was interested in this book for many reasons but one of them is because the total number of chapters is 69...
MistressOP MistressOP May 02
just dropping by congratz on getting featured :)! in English :)
Well written, but sounds like an interesting history book so far.... Sounds like what I'd write! Just keep squeezing huge paragraphs explaining s**t into every chapter, the 1st especially. Like: action! explanation! Dialouge! explanation! Dialouge! More world explanation!
MoreSyrup MoreSyrup Jun 17
Half a league,half a league onward, into the valley of death rode the 600 😌 poems💓