Gang Girl

Gang Girl

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Keke By nikita_hawira Updated Dec 22, 2016

I push him down to the ground. 

"Ha, you actually fell for it." I say as I stare at this weak and pitiful man.

"Come on sweet cheeks I know you won't actua-..." 


And just like that I had ended the life of a man who had two children and a wife waiting for him at home. 

"You know what they say. Never trust a pretty face".

Lilly Anderson, this name alone can cause any individuals blood to run cold. At the age of 17 she is one of the most deadliest girls to live. No one actually knows who she is or what she looks like, because they can never live long enough to actually tell People. Being brought up in a gang is no fun and games. Lilly has been brought up to be a killer. Her innocent look is what catches men's attention. But what they don't know is that she is the lion and they are her prey.

With this in mind lets throw in a new gang leader who wants her for himself and a heartless father who will do anything for money. What will Lilly do in order to survive? 

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SamanthaSavard8 SamanthaSavard8 May 02, 2017
You deserve way more views and followers.  This book is awesome you're a great writer
rona_jin03 rona_jin03 Nov 01, 2015
ahh .. i like this story! i hope the next book i just as good
nikita_hawira nikita_hawira Sep 16, 2015
@august_babymama  yeah I know. It's just my friend gets quite a bit of hate and it annoys her, I'm also that kinda person that takes a lot of things to heart so yeah. I guess it's just me, but thanks for the reassurance you're to lovely :)
-heartless- -heartless- Aug 16, 2015
Haey girl, I love the book can't wait to see your work in progress. Love you Nikita xx
nikita_hawira nikita_hawira Jul 28, 2015
Aw thanks a lot love. You are amazing  and also my first ever fan of this Book that isn't my friend in real life  but I would love to be your friend
ashtraytraylee ashtraytraylee Jul 27, 2015
this was really good for your first story and book! keep going, I will support you!