The Chronicles of Narnia: Edmund Pevensie Love Story

The Chronicles of Narnia: Edmund Pevensie Love Story

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The Kirkland Household, 5.32pm

It was another one of those cold, windy evenings in England where everyone sane had decided to stay indoors for the whole night. Y/N Kirkland combed her long blonde hair, running her fingers through the long strands. Tonight, she was going to meet with Edmund at the Spring Festival which was being held in the Town Square. She put on one of her best dresses, quickly rushing down the stairs, hoping not to be questioned by her parents. Too late.

"And where are you going, Miss Kirkland?" her father asks, not looking up from his newspaper.
"Um, out. With a few friends..." she answered, nervously. She was hoping he wouldn't send her back upstairs like her mother may have. Instead, he shot her a smile. "Have fun," he said as she unlocked the front door. "Just extend my greetings to Edmund." Y/N could just imagine the cheeky smile her father would have had on his face. Her father had only met Edmund a few times, but he already quite liked him. He had called him...

Oh, that phrase. I over use it at home... No one understands the reference... (Sighs)
i am literally the first person to realise that there seems to be an alice in this story i just read the other comments! other than that i love your story #goodbooksrule
Can you change it to you so I don't have to insert my name every sentence.
"Now we're back to the beginning
                              It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
                              But just because they can't feel it too
                              Doesn't mean that you have to forget"
                              ~The Call, Regina Spektor
"Don't say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting" cookies for anyone who gets the reference
This sucks. Growing up sucks. This is all so sad. LIFE IS SO DEPRESSING. Ugh