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Aurora (alias) By RoryBaptiste Updated Jun 12

Call it prose. Call it poetry. Call it hastily written words. Whatever you call it...enjoy it. Be saddened by it.  Learn from it. Embrace it. Bask in it. These are words written by one  woman for all women.

You're beautiful. Smile.  There is someone out there who thinks you are utterly amazing.

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mellow4800 mellow4800 Aug 09
Been natural all my life. So glad my mom didn't make do that because I'm finally understanding how to take care of my hair.
I had a perm twice, it didn't take. I have rebellious curls. That burn is real, though.
I just started going natural in August and I'm growing into it
ladiflower ladiflower Jan 20
I've been natural forever but before Christmas my mom mad me put that concoction into my hair
SivanSOS SivanSOS Apr 29, 2016
SAME and now my hair's damaged. But it's recovering and healthy
NataliaSmith3 NataliaSmith3 Aug 08, 2016
This was me. I'm an adult (18) and she still doesn't want it. My mother had thick long afro in her teensher years now she wears a cute pixie cut that's perm. I guess I'm not ready to go natural bc I've grown to hair in the middle of my back. One day I'll go back natural. Perm hurts my head.