People Meet Percabeth-One Shots & More

People Meet Percabeth-One Shots & More

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l u m o s ~ n o x By bittersweet_reads Updated Sep 13, 2016

"You drool when you sleep."
"You're cute when your worried."

Um. Hi. Welcome to my book, I guess? Basically it's just your everyday people meet Percabeth. But some of it might have more than one part or a different couple or a one shot, soooo yeah. Most of it is going to be Percabeth, since Percabeth is AWESOME!!! I will take suggestions unless I completely hate that ship or I don't have time. 


The amazhang cover is by @Isenfyre and she makes the best covers ever! Go check out her cover book!

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Sassico1313 Sassico1313 Mar 26
I'm just kidding. I know Janus is a god. That was just the first thing that came to my mind.
KahakuRiver KahakuRiver 4 days ago
Mortals. *whispers over walkie talkie* yes Aphrodite cabin I'm currently trying to join to find out there plots against percabeth mission stop stupid mortals a go)
*makes werid discusted sound at the back of my throat then barfs*
cheunt2 cheunt2 Jul 01
Are you kidding me Woman? Annabeth takes 5 secs and you take 7 hours!
This is embarrassing bit I'm going to say this anyway: "Perneta" make me think "Pereta", a common name in the place where I live- In a little city in Italy- to define an...ahem...emission of gas from your...ahem...butt.
                              Now I'm veeeryyyy embarrassed so I' m going...