I Want You

I Want You

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Yajahira By soulstrings Completed

Darcy is used to living in her best friend's shadow. She's used to being the last choice; used to men preferring Jenny than her. All until one doesn't.
Now Darcy has met someone who encourages her to stand up for herself and put her needs first, someone who'll catch her if she stumbles and just be there even when she doesn't need him to.

And that changes everything.

[Warning: Adult content up ahead. Explicit scenes and strong language.]

  • friendship
  • love
  • romanticrelationship
  • shortstory
Well ya sweetie it's the other way around. If your Jenny really is your bestie, then maybe she wouldn't sleep with your boyfriends!
vanessabell1 vanessabell1 Dec 16, 2016
You better take your skeleton hoe was somewhere because you really aint talking to my girl Darcy .....Darcy I got you fam
ughnaj ughnaj Dec 01, 2016
Oh yeah. 
                              You see when I decide to lose my virtue, that is something I want to try.
dollsie dollsie Dec 22, 2016
Wth, seriously?! If Jenny is her bestfriend she would consider not sleeping with Darcy's boyfriends...but then something good about this is that her so called boyfriends are never serious anyway
QuarterToSix QuarterToSix Dec 04, 2016
Memememememememe (the random affection, kissing the palm part)
BookzOverBoys BookzOverBoys Jan 18, 2016
Maybe that's why Jenny is mad; she didn't have a cute guy leaving love notes in her locker.