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Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets

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MeganWaack By MeganWaack Updated Nov 03, 2016

Percy Jackson couldn't care less what people think of him. 
Someone didn't like his newly dyed hair? Not his problem, look somewhere else.
People think he's weird for hanging out with the friends he did? His choice, not theirs.
But if they found out his secret.
That'd be bad.
Actually, if they found out his secrets. 
Yeah, plural.
Percy Jackson has a few "dirty little secrets" that could mean life or death for him.
He has a lot of enemies.
Being a demigod does that to you.
So does being an Avenger.

A/N so this is one of my special AUs. Percy is a demigod. All his friends are not. He's not dating Annabeth in this one, though they are friends. I know I already have an Avengers AU, deal with it. I like to write and have a lot of ideas. Also, I MY NAME'S NOT RICK! Seriously though, I don't own the Percy Jackson stuff or the Avengers stuff. If there's OCs they're mine but that's it. Peace out.

Kindagothdo Kindagothdo Mar 22
People are like "DON'T PUT YOUR D*** IN IT!" And he's like "I PUT MY D*** IN IT! LOL *insert troll emoji*!"
Bobon22nd Bobon22nd Apr 09
Irony right there for my fellow Mexicans,Salvadorans,/ Hispanics #IRONY
"No, this is a room. Not a house, this is a room."
                              TRANSLATED, YOU'RE WELCOME
YaoiGoddess005 YaoiGoddess005 Dec 08, 2016
Thank the lords! At first I thought that there was no mythology!
cgg_18 cgg_18 Jan 18
Valep, lo guay es que soy española y lo pillé/K, the cool thing is that im spanish and I got it 😄😄