Miracle  ~Klaus Mikaelson~

Miracle ~Klaus Mikaelson~

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a surprising and welcome event

What if Klaus and Hayley never had their one night stand? Instead of choosing to stay, Hayley left.

Mireya Leighton. A human girl with a heart so pure, but broken. To pure for the world beyond her.

What happens when these two met?

Lets just say this... Mireyas life will change forever, all by just meeting him...

By meeting Klaus.

~The Originals fanfic~
~Love interest: Klaus Mikaelson~

Cover inspired by: -voidallison

NekodaDotR NekodaDotR Feb 01, 2016
I love the Originals!!!! I'm even writing a book now related to it!  Great chapter I actually like this
PacifyHer21 PacifyHer21 Mar 27, 2016
Right now? They just barley met? Jk! Who wouldn't go & have dinner with klaus??!?!
PacifyHer21 PacifyHer21 Mar 27, 2016
I was listening to pillowtalk by zayn at this moment😂😂
Warningfangirls1_ Warningfangirls1_ Sep 01, 2016
Well duh all these humans be dropping like flies , of course he's going to make things escalate quickly
ShadowGirl45913 ShadowGirl45913 Jan 25, 2016
*Fingers crossed* Biggest mistake of your life and I love it, girl! Though, some weird stuff were happening here. Also, pregnant? Come on?!
ShadowGirl45913 ShadowGirl45913 Jan 25, 2016
I'm a girl, but still, I'm proud of Klaus. That's a way how you protect the girl, take her to the dinner and have a wonderful night with her. Though, he is not what he seems