The Alphas Slave

The Alphas Slave

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Beautiful___Lies By Beautiful___Lies Updated Jun 19, 2016

Kayla is an ordinary human girl. She lives in a world, where humans and werewolves coexist. However there is a twist. Every 10 years, a new girl is chosen to be the Alphas slave. 

Kayla has had a normal life and has just celebrated her 17 year old birthday. Happy birthday princess! Now go get ready for a ceremony that may or may not change your life. 

The alpha comes into town and selects a new slave. Kayla can only hope he will overlook her innocent beauty.

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  • luna
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  • romance
  • slave
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ruthlet16 ruthlet16 Jun 30
Girl. Abandoned that advice. Take advice from a clown then he won't chose you. Hear her dad say: make yourself look pretty. He is low-key tryna tell her she wowo/ugly.
trouble2017 trouble2017 Aug 07, 2017
Wow, that pic for the cover isn't the most appropriate but at least it doesn't show his junk, am I right?
evermorehughes evermorehughes Dec 29, 2017
Is it weird that I'm reading this because my name is in it??
ruthlet16 ruthlet16 Jun 30
Author?... Uhm... I am kinda hungry now and thirty minutes away from home. So, let me ask this question. Are you tryna tempt me? Cause it seems like it.😂😂😊😂🤣
fangirlinngg fangirlinngg Jun 23, 2017
Shouldn't they have made her look basic so she won't stand out and get picked
Why do you have to look pretty if you don't want to get picked??!