Her Cursed Mate

Her Cursed Mate

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SummerBris By Breezie1 Updated Apr 23, 2016

I am cursed. 

Doomed for eternity to remain this monster. No longer am I the powerful and handsome Alpha that I once was. I find myself to be more like a shell of my former self. I know my power and beauty are still within me but I can't grasp it.

Why was I so cruel and cold?

If I would have just cared a little bit, then maybe just maybe, I wouldn't have to be this beast I am right now.

Julian Lupe Lorenzo neglected his title and abused his power as Alpha. All he cared about was parties and girls. Cold hearted and uncaring, he was rude and never gave anyone below him a second glance. One day a little girl showed up at his door step and begged him for shelter. After slamming the door in her face, he realized it was a huge mistake. The little girl turned out to be the witch to give him his curse. It's been years and he is still cursed. Mateless and alone, he stays in his mansion and never dares to face the outside world. So when a young woman shows up at his door step bloody and desperate, will he welcome her with open arms or will he shy away from her It might be hard because... She's his Mate..

laaaillaaaa laaaillaaaa Jun 11, 2016
Betch stop dragging about your physical appearance, there are people out the dying and you be talking about your looks? There are people who have been physically and mentally hurt leaving worse scars and marks, be great ful that your still alive.
DysthymicOrNah DysthymicOrNah Sep 06, 2015
This reminds me of Beastly and Beauty and the Beast. But also a little  of some Justice League members.
LostOne247 LostOne247 Jan 10, 2015
Character Introduction..... they all seem very stalkerish, 'cept for Julian & Ade
stormchaser92 stormchaser92 Aug 12, 2014
got to be honest this sounds a lot like the film beastly. But I don't know, I'm still going to read it :)
Breezie1 Breezie1 Jun 23, 2014
@roseh23 thank you, this is my twist on beauty and the beast. i hope you enjoy!
roseh23 roseh23 Jun 22, 2014
Oh wow, Breezie!! I came across this story and it sounded like a twist on beauty and the beast! But I think this is better! I'm happy to find you're the author! <3