Kidnapped by BTS ✔[Completed]

Kidnapped by BTS ✔[Completed]

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Sabrina Aqilah By taehyungmine17 Completed

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I woke up, laying down on a beautiful bed with my hands tied with the handcuffs at the head of the bed. 
I am in a bedroom that very beautiful and rich.

I try to remember what had happened last night.I was kidnapped by 7 men that were wearing masks.

(The characters in this story are nothing more and just for a fanfiction...not to make your idols become a bad guy or whatever...)

Ailee1008 Ailee1008 Aug 04
*use formal advise...might as well use eng if u r not sure bout the right korean term to add....or just warn the readers that u r not korean nor learning it so there will be errors
I'm 15 and I moved out of my mom and dad house and I'm married to this really nice sweat handsome guy he 16 and we where arrange to get married since we where born cause my mom and his mom are best friends since they where 2 so yeah
VIB_0426 VIB_0426 Jul 09
I have a step sister ad I hate her she doesnt pay for other my dad does she doesn't have a job and she's 22 I have to share a room with her like omggggg she dumb annoying on the phone talking to her bf all the freakin time
                              but like I fangirl alot cause of bts soooooo
People mentioning Train to Busan are actually making me cry all over again😭
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*remembers a lot of Busan things*
                              ~Jimin: I was born in Busan first!~
                              ~Train to Busan~
                              ~Jimin: I'm the prince of Busan(true)~