Rizzolo Famiglia: You Hit Me, We Hit You

Rizzolo Famiglia: You Hit Me, We Hit You

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Dark, bloody, and the stench of death are the only words used to describe La Famiglia's underground basement. Anyone who is unlucky enough to be held captive there will never come out alive. 

The unfortunate were foolish to believe that their schemes, betrayal, and theft would go unnoticed by La Famiglia. How could they not? This is La Famiglia we're talking about. But even so, there are foolish individuals out there who believe that they can destroy and take over La Famiglia's empire, such as the man laying unconscious now. 

His name is Matteo Abbateo. He is 28 years old and the eldest son of Alberto Abbateo of the Abbateo group, a small organization that worked under the Rizzolo group. The Abbateo family is under suspicion of relaying information to an enemy group that the Rizzolo's aren't aware of yet. But they have their ways of unveiling information. 

The sound of footsteps awakes the man from his slumber. He looks around and tries to to move his stiff limbs, but find that they...

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ASKYA08 ASKYA08 Nov 11
You are going to be! You don't have MD by your name yet! Keep walking
This reminds me of The Princess and The Frog my favorite Disney movie!
-TheSilentAngel -TheSilentAngel Sep 03, 2016
That ain't no angel thats the damn devil trying to get you killed
1anon37 1anon37 Aug 20, 2016
Omg personal flashback! Change doctor to solicitor (lawyer) and you have my exact words to my best mate Katie! Interestingly enough, she is just like Olive! Lol
mrstwentynine mrstwentynine Nov 13, 2016
Don't ignore it! Help on in the morning not at night in dark alleys 😂😂😂
1anon37 1anon37 Aug 20, 2016
Wow that's one heck of a first chapter!! I love it! I think I may also like the boss too... 🙄😳