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Your Average Writer By Hero-N Completed

His name is Desmond Pierce.  He's your cliché billionaire playboy who flaunts his wealth, enjoys a good party, and indulges in only the best of drinks. But ever since the life-changing deaths of his parents, the brash billionaire has had to cope with everyday panic attacks and stress. He drives everyone closest to him away, and he locks himself atop his multi-billion dollar fortress: Platinum Tower. 

However, when the evil terrorist organization known as the Black Dragon kidnaps him and destroys his home, it's up to him to pull his act together. He and fellow captive Olivia Jones must fight for their lives, even after surviving brutal experimentation and torture. Not only must Pierce kill to survive, but he must also find reconciliation with his traumatic past...and his own failures.

This is the first story in a continuing series called: The Age of Heroes

Zacha53 Zacha53 Mar 18
Bruh this descriptions fits with my classmate. Her name is Jessica, had blonde hair and blue eyes.
CampingLegacy CampingLegacy Apr 17, 2016
This story is simply amazing! I am only on chapter 3 but I can't stop. Is there a way to get this story to a publisher. It needs it. I love it.
Angle_O_Death Angle_O_Death Nov 23, 2016
OMG! REREADING! I'm on Techno now and I'm remembering a part from here this is the Captain America serum ain't it
Uuuuuuhhhhhh...isnt he like...29?? My 14 y.o. Bro wouldnt even b sobbing and stuff like that...
The weakest cover-up of the year or perhaps the dumbest dad of the year ?? Both? Makes me wonder how he became the big man he is smh🤦🏻‍♀️
He's a butt, but it's kind of sad. I mean the only reason he's this way is because he didn't have anyone to take care of him when he grew up and too much pressure was forced onto him. Anyone would crack under the pressure. I do hope he gains a few redeeming qualities though.