Just Another Monster | C.G

Just Another Monster | C.G

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[Carl Grimes Fanfiction]

'I hid in the bushes, hoping and praying that those flesh eating monsters won't get me' 

I closed my eyes and put my head down. 

"Who's there?" I heard a boy's voice called out. 

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As the official zombie apocalypse took over the world, Brooke, a 15 year old girl is surviving on her own, since her parents died. 

She is hopeless, depressed, scared, and alone. But one day she bumps into Carl Grimes, yes the son of Rick Grimes. 

"What's you're name? How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? And why?"

Cover by-  hollyprettiesteyes

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-chairhandlerr; 2015

CarlGrimes850 CarlGrimes850 Oct 12, 2016
At first I thought it said "we found a carl!" I'm like "he is not 'a' Carl he is The Carl
thatnirdygirlbre thatnirdygirlbre Jan 31, 2016
Ok I really like this book and this is just me being a bitchy redneck-- It takes like 3 men to carry 1 deer and the plural is deer and you don't cut them up you only do that with moose or elk but again I really like your story I'm just being paranoid😑
SmartButStupid SmartButStupid Dec 29, 2016
A girl once said, "Shît, I'm out of ammo." What happened? They must have fallen from the sky.
"Guys! I found some dumb bîtch who had to ask me if I was a survivor , hey Carol why don't you whip up some of your famous casserole!"
SmartButStupid SmartButStupid Dec 29, 2016
What did you use with your extra time after putting 2 instead of to?
makena363833 makena363833 Mar 08, 2016
What the heck how do they have time if there is no electricity