Unpredictable (Princeton Bully Love Story)

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Mrs.Perez By MindlessTiLiDie421 Updated 2 years ago
Lyric Crippin moved back to L.A. from Harlem...Its been 2 years since shes seen her bully Jacob Perez.She thinks its all over, but come on! Its Jacob Perez we're talkin' about. So Lyric is far from getting away from her bully, why she doesn't tell anyone, i don't know. But what will happen when Lyric is forced to see Jacob on a regular basis, outside of school! Will it be the beginning of World War III, or a relationship????? Find out in Unpredictable
    (P.S.- The reason the title is Unpredictable is because of Jacob and Lyrics mood towards each other..What can i say? Its Unpredictable! )
his name is Jacob Alexander Emanuel Perez not Jacob Anthony perez
thank u for telling cause I was like since when is his middle name Anthony im pretty sure it Emmanuel
@mindlessforever1432 No its Anthony if u saw there movie all around the world at the end it said Jacob Anthony Perez
Jacob Emmanuel Alexander Perez. I ain't judgin nobody ,just saying what I know
@mindlessforever1432  @MindlessTiLiDie421 @KalaIsMindless Jacob's middle name is Anthony if you look in the All Around The World booket (if you have the album) you'll see it