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All Monsters Are Human


Stranger Danger. 

Something Bella Reed forgot all about as her finger hovered over the chat button. 

Growing up in her cozy home, Bella Reed knew better than to talk to stranger, but Kai had a way with words that left her wanting more. 

What’s the worst that can happen? 

Malachai Strong is the definition of destruction. With an aspiration of revenge and a hunger for power, Malachai is incapable of showing humanity. 

Bella had no Idea of the danger that surrounded Kai. Held as a hostage, fighting for other people’s survival, and dealing with the most powerful gang in New York, Bella’s life turned for the worst in a matter of hours. 

Can Bella survive the beautiful monster that is Malachai Strong?


I could feel my heart beating thunderously within my chest, emotions bearing down my judgement.

“You hurt people, you’re a soulless monster that can’t even love,” I whisper venomously, searching his emotionless eyes for a reaction. 

At last, he bears out a cunning smirk. 

“My sweet, sweet Bella, you seem to forget something very important.” His face was leveled inches away from mine, his breath tickling my ears. 

“I may be a monster, but even monsters have hearts.”

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Book cover is using the cover of the novel  'The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer'.

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