Harry Potter Memes

Harry Potter Memes

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ginnylover030204 By ginnylover030204 Updated Dec 31, 2016

These are funny jokes from Harry Potter.

I do not own anything 

Hope you enjoy and have a good laugh

I'm thinking Rowling was drunk when she made up Ravenclaw and put an eagle as their animal...
Anonymous_Jams Anonymous_Jams Jul 30, 2016
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J_NerdyBookworm J_NerdyBookworm Jan 28, 2016
It's an eagle because thats the patronus of the founder of ravenclaw...
LauraBowden5 LauraBowden5 Jul 11, 2016
I love Harry in the background like, "OHHHH what's she gonna say"
_moonglade _moonglade Dec 31, 2016
                              You can Slytherin to mine though. ;) ~Jessica
                              EWWWWW MUM ~Hestia