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The Arranged Baby

The Arranged Baby

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Clary Quartiss By Starbucks_IcedCoffee Updated Feb 20

XxMature ContentXx I was, unfortunately, stuck in an arranged marriage. They said he would give me a good life. He was rich, successful, smart, handsome, and would make an amazing husband.  If only we knew the kinky stuff he was into. They said I passed out after having to much to drink... But I remember being provided with only one glass by my 'husband.' Waking up the next day in Winnie the Pooh diapers. That was not what I expected.

FanFictionCats FanFictionCats Feb 15, 2016
Can she not just say 'no' when he says 'and will you take him as your husband?' XD
madmax750 madmax750 Aug 04, 2016
I would run run call the police not really I would kill him I have a horrible mind
SnugglyKitten1989 SnugglyKitten1989 6 days ago
I read authors erection and had to read it like three more times before understanding. My reading skills are on point 👌🏻
Dautgher_of_death Dautgher_of_death Mar 16, 2016
omg not gonna lie I love it so far ur amazing I'm totally following u!!!!!
Skyler0001 Skyler0001 Jan 07, 2016
I know you are very sensible and special just from reading the Arthur's notes at the start.
nerdygirl800 nerdygirl800 Oct 15, 2015
I never read when I sign anything. won't be long before I sign something bad.