Shattered Consciousness

Shattered Consciousness

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I stared up into his beautiful blue eyes and tried to remember who and where I was. I couldn't let him have this affect on me. I couldn't have another person make me a promise they couldn't keep. 
My mind betrayed me enough as it was. I didn't need another person to do it too. 
Life isn't always as it seems. There are lies hidden behind closed doors, secrets whispered in hushed voices, and most importantly, the illusions created by our own minds. 
Pain is permanent. Love leaves a scar. If everything good in this world ends up hurting you, what can you believe in anymore?

Okay. Hi!!!! So, basically, I love to write. Which is kind of a lame intro, since millions of people love to write, but I hope you guys enjoy reading this story as much as I'll enjoy writing it. When I write, I'm not usually able to stop. So if I write really long chapters, I'm sorry. I really hope you enjoy! P.S, this isn't just a story about werewolves. I promise. There's a LOT more to it than that... :) It's definitely not your typical story. (I think the first chapter proves that.) Another P.S, I would love it if you commented. I need to know what to improve on!!! (Every writer does.)

And no, there is no copyright. Plagiarism brought to my attention will still be reported so please just don't ruin your life and try to tarnish mine. ☺️

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ElizabethHeslet ElizabethHeslet Sep 02, 2016
Wtf, kick " mom " in her stomach and tell her that she's a disgusting drunk and she's a shotty mother😄
Cambrave17 Cambrave17 Sep 24, 2015
Is she sure guys ask  .  Her out or is she just saying that to make herself feeling better-_-
ToffyCat ToffyCat Jul 14, 2015
there was this bad man called Danial in another werewolf it's difficult to picture him to be a good guy.....sadly/annoyingly