Good Girls Always Go For Bad Boys

Good Girls Always Go For Bad Boys

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AlphaHushHush By AlphaHushHush Updated Feb 17, 2016

"Oh Blu, don't you realize good girls always fall for bad boys?" He smirks, his lips centimeters from mine. 
"Oh Josh, don't you realize the bad boy always fall's first." If he thinks I will melt into his arms, he's got another thing coming.
Aria Blu: Classified as the good girl, the reserved and sarcastic sweet heart.
 Josh Rilens: Classified as the bad boy, the trouble maker and heart breaker.

  Aria was labeled as the good girl, but if people knew of her past, she would be called anything but that. Having moved the beginning of her Junior year was a big change, one she gladly welcomed. It's now the start of her Senior year, and with a new group of friends she has grown very close with, she's ready to make the most of it. She is happy the way things are going. She likes not being in the rumor mill and hopes to keep it that way until Josh Rilens walks in and screws everything up. He's the bad boy, he's in almost all of her classes, and most importantly, he's interested in her, her dark past, and determined to make her fall for him. But would he except her even if he knew of her past?

Josh Rilens is the bad boy of school. He's the heartbreaker, feeling like a king with one night stands almost weekly and a brand new bike. He's expecting his senior year to be a breeze. What he isn't expecting, is the beautiful and reserved girl Aria to not fall for his charms. Now he's see's her as a challenge. The more he is near her though, the more he realizes he may be in trouble and that this girl is more than what meets the eye. If only Josh knew love can be a two way street.

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the_nbhd323 the_nbhd323 May 18
My mom does this everyday!! Oh my fu*cking gosh!! I'll tell you it's so irritating
My mom ALWAYS wakes me up before my alarm and I can never get back to sleep. Sad life
the_nbhd323 the_nbhd323 May 18
Wow I would have never thought that I could relate to a character as much as I do with her
I just choked on my chicken! BOIIIII If I was using my phone there would be laughing emoji, dead emoji so and so on
BC1066AD BC1066AD Jul 21
I don't get why all girls like Zac Efron... I like Dave Franco and Cody Carson... IDC if you don't know who Cody Carson is, cuz you haven't listened to good music if you haven't! 😜 (not hating on Zac Efron, liked him when I was little and watched high school musical 😂)