HiroxTadashi Brotherly Love

HiroxTadashi Brotherly Love

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Fixed.Then.Broken By Swaglight Updated Aug 25, 2017


[Mild cussing, heavy temper, drinking and smut will be included in this book if you don't like don't read]

Hiro likes Tadashi but is scared to tell his big brother because he's scared of rejection and that Tadashi will hate him forever let alone be disgusted by his gay little brother

Tadashi on the other hand is giving Hiro mixed signals confusing the younger brother on weather or not he feels the same way. But little did anyone know that Tadashi had a girlfriend!?

Will this mysterious girl and Tadashi's relationship last?

How will Hiro feel about all this... 

Well let's just say he isn't going down without a fight! like the old saying pay backs a bitch. And When a new girl out of no where comes to town and becomes friends with Hiro a hUge secret is revealed leaving Hiro shocked

Hiro suddenly starts developing feelings for this new girl and let's say Tadashi doesn't like them being so close together and will do anything to break them apart

Hmm is this jealousy I detect?? Why would Tadashi care when he has a girlfriend!??? All these questions will be answered. Join Hiro and Tadashi on this journey too see if these two will get together in the end as new faces come to town, secrets get reveled, hearts get broken and a few tears are shed

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Peter-Pan-Monster Peter-Pan-Monster Dec 02, 2017
That would be so terrifying though it you literally heard boom boom in the middle of the night instead of actual thunder
Hannah_AnnafellowsBB Hannah_AnnafellowsBB Mar 16, 2017
Hay your the one taking time out of your oh so apparently busy schedule to read the story so who really is the looser here?
midgetcunt midgetcunt Jul 08, 2017
This is actually the sound of my thighs. Here i wrote a poem *clears throat* 
                              BOOM clap 
                              The sound of my thighs 
                              This pizza's so good 
                              Nom Nom Nom nom nom nom
HobisQueen_ HobisQueen_ Jul 12, 2017
Boom boom boom boom I want you in my room, let's spend the night together
XHwanghae XHwanghae Jan 21, 2016
"His hard six pack" 
                              That's not the only thing that's hard. 
                              A y y y y
BipolarStrangeWriter BipolarStrangeWriter Jul 19, 2015
This is pretty good cx Just needs a tiny bit of work, but all in all, I enjoyed reading it cx