I'm Never The One (A Vampire Diaries Gilbert Twins Fan Fiction)

I'm Never The One (A Vampire Diaries Gilbert Twins Fan Fiction)

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"Ask yourself, Kaitlyn, will you ever be able to look past all of Damon's imperfections?"

"I shouldn't have to look past them like they don't exist, Stefan! I should be able to accept Damon for everything he is and love every part of him!"

"I think you answered your own question," Stefan says smiling. "I'll drive you to Atlanta."

    Have you ever gone through life living in someone's shadow? That's me, Kaitlyn Gilbert, Elena's twin sister. If living in her shadow wasn't bad enough, imagine being told you're a doppelgänger. That means there's someone else out there who also looks like you. Yet another person to live in the shadow of.

    Then the Salvatore brothers came to town. Two of them, three of us. Elena got Stefan leaving only Damon. I thought I had a chance with him since Katherine was sealed away in some tomb. I was wrong. Even when I was right in front of him he didn't choose me. 

    I've come to face the fact that I'm Never The One.

This is a Vampire Diaries Fanfic, so all rights to characters and events belong to the CW channel and L.J Smith along with whoever else deserves credit. This book is written for fan enjoyment only :)

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Cavscoutcookies Cavscoutcookies Dec 11, 2017
I feel like everything is moving too fast, and it's not very emotional either.
somanyFandoms15 somanyFandoms15 Oct 13, 2016
I spell my name the exact same way it's weird and cool at the same time
PsychoKiller10 PsychoKiller10 Oct 31, 2016
*Klaus laughs in the distance* *Kai laughs from the prison world* you are totally screwed man
jamessasss jamessasss May 22, 2016
Is it just me or does this feel really dull? Not dull but more like false emotion or something like that
amayalovsg amayalovsg Dec 20, 2015
i know how she feels my twin is the spotlight until i got noticed at school my a nice popular boy
krenfrogg2 krenfrogg2 Dec 09, 2015
I can feel the tears and inner rants of how awful Elana is coming now