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Eren Yeager By _puppetmaster_ Updated Aug 04

I laid on the bed with my hands restrained to the bedpost. My vision pitch black because of the blindfold that covered my view. Seconds later I heard the sound of heals tapping loudly against the floor. Everything went silent for a moment, I could not see what was happening, therefore making everything more mysterious. I exhaled loudly, nervous of what will happen next. 

I release a loud gasp followed by a groan as I felt the cold strips of leather hit against my chest. I moan slightly at the feeling as they make their way up to my neck causing me to feel pleasurable goosebumps run down my body. 

I felt her warm hands lay gently on my shoulders. I felt her grind her lower half on mine.  

"You're mine Ben. Only mine." She whispered slightly. The tone of her voice smooth and sexy.

If I was Ben I'd say yes I need a girlfriend plz are you single?
Fifty shades of red is soooo much better than 50 shades of grey!