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Rachel Anne Misery By MyChemicalRachel Updated Jan 12

[Sequel to You Leave Me Breathless!]
"What are you saying, Frank?" Gerard looks at me with a pained expression. His brow is furrowed and I want nothing more than to reach out and smooth the crease between his eyes, make the frown disappear and pull him closer to me.
But I swallow down those instincts and settle with a noncommittal shrug. "I'm just saying that I think we need space."
Gerard takes a step back, then another, moving so the kitchen table is between us. "Is that enough space? If not, I can go to the living room."
I shake my head slowly. "No, Gerard," I sigh. "That's... not really what I mean."
Gerard falls silent, no words exchanged between us for a long time before the frown returns. He blinks a few times and then says, "Oh... Shit."
And there it is, the entirety of our relationship summed up perfectly in the two simple words; Oh shit.

FiglioDiMiseria FiglioDiMiseria Oct 26, 2016
No I do not want Scooby doo to start playing in my head again mY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
GerardWayTheFabulous GerardWayTheFabulous Oct 18, 2016
Good child. Don't go see that beeyatch. Be your own rainbow bumblebee.
PickleGerard PickleGerard Aug 31, 2016
Ewwww, Gerard topping is just the wrong way to have sex.
                              Anyone see what I did there.
                              Gerard: Shut up
GerardWayTheFabulous GerardWayTheFabulous Oct 18, 2016
Excuse you Jacob we have no need for your foolish immature homophobia now kindly eff off and go back to your boy-I mean, girlfriend.
PrettyOddEra PrettyOddEra Nov 18, 2016
Okay I don't care I'm just feeling a lot of sympathy for Jamia maybe she was trying but didn't know how idk if lily wants to just see her, that would be okay
When you thought it was Gerard that said Daddy and not the kid