Bite Me Kitten

Bite Me Kitten

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"Don't underestimate me, Hunter." I gulp, trying to sound unaffected by our close proximity. 

His lips are inches away from mine when he whispers with a smirk "Bite me, Kitten." 


In the hallways, people move out of his way.
In class, teachers are petrified of him. 
At lunch, he can silence the whole school with one look. 

At school, students are terrified of her. 
At home, she is daddy's girl.
With friends, she is the life of the party. 

In his eyes, she is the one. 

COVER MADE BY : worldgirlalway


I can pass for older than my sister who's 29, and I'm only 20 now.
emmakaysayre emmakaysayre 4 days ago
Bro I'm fifteen and everyone keeps asking me if I'm gonna be a senior this year but nah I'm just a sophomore
newyenthy newyenthy 4 days ago
me w but we have to make it up the next time by playing dare or dare