Save Me (Jean X Reader)

Save Me (Jean X Reader)

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calpico By calpico Updated Sep 04, 2016

(Current Reader's Age: 7 years old)

My eyes opened wide as the earth shook and screams were being heard from the outside. I quickly shot out of bed and looked down my window and saw all the townspeople of Trost running for dear life. I immediately understood the situation. Grabbing my stuffed teddy bear and a small dagger, I ran downstairs.

"Mom! Dad! The Titans-" I stopped mid-sentence as I saw that my parents were no where to be found and by the looks of it, the house was cleanly liberated from all the things that furnished it. Everything from the tableware to the picture frames, everything was gone and the house was completely empty. They left without a trace.

"Mom!! Dad!! Where are you..?"

Tears spilled from my eyes as I realized that they weren't here. Even if it was the truth, I didn't want to believe it. Not even for a second. But now, I was completely alone.

"The Titans should be here soon... I have to get out of here..." I said to myself, trying to keep my mind off of my...

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Damn its only the first chapter and were already riding jean like a horse
Im happy petra isn't evil in this like fr, there are sooooooo many fanfics (as specially levi x readers)  where petra is a straight up bitch like damnn and its crazy cause she was nothing like that in the show😕 i actually like petra🙃
Me and Levi going on a ODM gear journey 
                              A HOLE NEW WOOOOOORLLLD
Were these the moments where author-sama was unsure should it be a levi x reader fanfic after all? XD
"Make sure she doesn't lose her toy---or she WILL stab you" *holds up cut off hand*
When it said that the teddys name was Charlie I thought of the one and only adorable Sally Williams from creepypasta