Gentleman⚣Lilo BDSM✔️

Gentleman⚣Lilo BDSM✔️

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"Just because I'm a Gentleman doesn't mean that I won't spank you."

; Okay so maybe Louis is a loudmouth, attention seeking minx that is paired up with a controlling gentleman of a guy, Liam, who treats him like a princess but fucks him like whore.

You take some, you lose some.

[Lilo Paynlinson]



[Warnings:Strong Language,BoyXBoy material,BDSM,Drug mentions,Alcohol and other sexual actions]

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Cover: @babydoll

Joe_Gatto Joe_Gatto Jul 17
I'm a sub, for sure, i would follow my dom to the end of the world.
I like it. Hot wax is like hot for a few seconds then it cools almost immediately, so it's like a little rush of adrenaline every time 😂
Lol all I want is an opportunity to call Evan Daddy, he's hot af
Joe_Gatto Joe_Gatto Jul 17
Wait, who's Evan Peters?
                              Sorry, I watch the Impractical Jokers all the time and don't watch American Horror Story at all..
TheDarknessPresents TheDarknessPresents Nov 15, 2016
It's is almost Christmas. After thanksgiving I'll be blasting Oh Ms Believer, because it kind of sounds like a Christmas song
xXcathastropheXx xXcathastropheXx May 05, 2016
Holy shat that was so hot
                              Wait that was just the prologue?
                              *bathes in holy water* I am ready